Response Mailing


Response Marketing and Mailing is dedicated to the personal care of your project from concept to completion. We treat each job as the most important project we have!

Response Marketing and Mailing (RMM) is devoted to the growth of your company. Our company mantra is, "When your business grows, our business grows."

Our Mission:

The mission of RMM is to help clients grow and reach their target market.

Our Vision:

RMM strives to be the preferred company for all professional printing and direct mail advertising needs in Southern California. We will earn your respect and trust by standing by our products and services.

Our Commitment:

Our staff has an accumulation of decades of experience in direct mail and printing services. The signature hallmark of RMM is personal care, not just for the project, but for the clients' long-term business health. We take each project seriously, no matter what size, and we sweat the details so you don't have to!

Our Equipment:

Didde 175 10 color 11 x 17 offset paper only.
Didde DR24 10 color 20 x 26 offset & coated.
AB Dick 360 with envelope feeder.
AB Dick 360 with T- Head.
Baum Folder 25 x 38 with right angle.
Baum Folder 20 x 26 score & perforate.
Baum Folder 20 x 26 with right angle.
Seybold programmable cutter 25 x 38.
3 Kirk/Rudy Inkjet machine 1 Hp Inkjet

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